Curriculum Vitae


  • University of Oregon - Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and minors in chemistry and music (2015-2019)
  • University of Oregon - PhD in Molecular Biology (2021-Present)
    • Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Karen Guillemin
    • University of Oregon Genetics Training Program Trainee (2022)

Awards and Scholarships

  1. Borgen Adamson Memorial Scholarship Award Winner (2022) - Awarded by UO Institute of Molecular Biology
  2. University of Oregon Innovation Award (2021) - Institute for Health in the Built Environment

Research and Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant - Biology and the Built Environment Center (2020-2021)
  • Research Assistant/Laboratory Technician - Westerfield Laboratory (2019-2020)
  • Undergraduate Researcher - Biology and the Built Environment Center (2018-2019)



  • MSE Director of Resource Archiving (2022)


  • BI 322: Cell Biology, University of Oregon, Graduate Teaching Assistant (2021)
  • BI 326: Immunology and Infectious Disease, University of Oregon, Graduate Teaching Assistant (2022)
  • BI 330: Microbiology, University of Oregon, Graduate Teaching Assistant (2022)
  • BI 331: Microbiology Laboratory, University of Oregon, Graduate Teaching Assistant (2022)


  • Ongoing Science Communication, outreach, and Education
  • Peer Review/Manuscript Review - ORCID
    • PLOS one
    • mSystems
    • Architectural engineering and design management

Professional Memberships

  1. Microbes and Social Equity Working Group (2019-Present)
  2. American Society for Microbiology (2018-Present)


  1. Cell-type-specific responses to the microbiota across all tissues of the larval zebrafish
    • Michelle S. Massaquoi, Garth L. Kong, Daisy Chilin-Fuentes, Julia S. Ngo, Patrick F. Horve, Ellie Melancon, M. Kristina Hamilton, Judith S. Eisen, Karen Guillemin
    • Cell Reports (2023)
  2. Evaluating fomite risk of brown paper bags storing ersonal protective equipment exposed to SARS-CoV-2: A quasi-experimental study.
    • Unger, K., Dietz, L., Horve, P.F., Van Den Wymelenberg, K., Lin, A., Kinney E., Kea, B.
    • PLOS One (2022)
  3. Longtiduinal Analysis of Built Environment and Aerosol Contamination Associated with Isolated COVID-19 Positive Individuals.
    • Horve, P.F., Dietz, L., Bowles, G., MacCrone G., Olsen-Martinez, A., Northcutt, D., Moore, V., Barnatan, L., Parhizkar, H., Van Den Wymelenberg, K.
    • Scientific Reports (2022)
    • Preprint
  4. Quantifying human and environmental viral load relationships amidst mitigation strategies in a controlled chamber with participants having COVID-19.
    • Parhizkar, H., Dietz, L., Olsen-Martinez, A., Horve, P.F., Barnatan, L., Northcutt, D., Van Den Wymelenberg, K.
    • Clinical Infectious Diseases (2021)
    • Preprint
  5. Twenty important research questions in microbial exposure and social equity.
    • Robinson, J., Redvers, N., Camargo, A., Bosch, C.A., Breed, M.F., Brenner, L.A., Carney, M.A., Chauhan, A., Dasari, M., Dietz, L.G., Friedman, M., Grieneisen, L., Hoisington, A.J., Horve, P.F., Hunter, A., Jech, S., Jorgensen, A., Lowry, C.A., Man, I., Mhuireach, G., Navarro-Pérez, E., Ritchie, E.G., Stewart, J.D., Watkins, H., Weinstein, P., Ishaq, S.L.
    • mSystems (2022)
  6. Introducing the Microbes and Social Equity Working Group: considering the microbial components of social, environmental, and health justice.
    • Ishaq SL, Parada FJ, Wolf PG, Bonilla CY, Carney MA, Benezra A, Wissel E, Friedman M, DeAngelis KM, Robinson JM, Fahimipour AK, Manus MB, Grieneisen L, Dietz LG, Pathak A, Chauhan A, Kuthyar S, Stewart JD, Dasari MR, Nonnamaker E, Choudoir M, Horve PF, Zimmerman NB, Kozik AJ, Darling KW, Romero-Olivares AL, Hariharan J, Farmer N, Maki KA, Collier JL, O’Doherty KC, Letourneau J, Kline J, Moses PL, Morar N.
    • mSystems (2021)
  7. Evaluation of a Bioaerosol Sampler for Indoor Environmental Surveillance of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2.
    • Horve, P.F., Dietz,L., Northcutt, D., Stenson, J., Van Den Wymelenberg, K.G.
    • PLOS One (2021)
    • Preprint
  8. Differing effects of four building materials on viable bacterial communities and VOCs. Developments in the Built Environment.
    • Mhuireach, G. Á., Dietz, L., Griffiths, W., Horve, P. F., Laguerre, A., Northcutt, D., … & Van Den Wymelenberg, K.
    • Developments in the Built Environment (2021)
  9. Identification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in Healthcare Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Units.
    • Horve PF, Dietz L, Fretz M, Constant DA, Wilkes A, Townes JM, Martindale RG, Messer WB, Van Den Wymelenberg K.
    • Indoor Air (2021)
    • Preprint
  10. Exploring Integrated Environmental Viral Surveillance of Indoor Environments: A comparison of surface and bioaerosol environmental sampling in hospital rooms with COVID-19 patients.
    • Leslie Dietz, David A. Constant, Mark Fretz, Patrick F. Horve, Andreas Olsen-Martinez, Jason Stenson, Andrew Wilkes, Robert G. Martindale, William B. Messer, Kevin G. Van Den Wymelenberg.
    • Preprint (2021)
  11. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV- 2) Environmental Contamination and Childbirth.
    • Hermesch A, Horve P, Edelman A, Dietz L, Constant D, Fretz M, Messer W, Martindale R, Van Den Wymelenberg K.
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  12. Viable Bacterial communities on hospital window components in patient room.
    • Horve PF, Dietz LG, Ishaq SI, Kline J, Fretz M, Van Den Wymelenberg. 2020.
    • PeerJ (2020)
  13. 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: built environment considerations to reduce transmission.
    • Dietz L, Horve PF, Coil DA, Fretz M, Eisen JA, Van Den Wymelenberg K.
    • mSystems (2020)
  14. From one species to another: A review on the interaction of chemistry and microbiology in relation to cleaning in the built environment
    • Velazquez S., Griffiths W., Dietz L., Horve P., Nunez, S., Hu, J., Shen, J., Fretz, M., Bi, C., Xu, Y., Van Den Wymelenberg, K.G., Hartmann, E.M., Ishaq, S.L. 2019.
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  15. Building Upon Current Knowledge of Indoor Microbiology to Construct the Next Era of Research into Microorganisms, Health, and the Built Environment.
    • Horve, P.F., Lloyd, S., Mhuireach, G.A., Dietz, L., Fretz, M., MacCrone, G., Van Den Wymelenberg, K., Ishaq, S.L.
    • Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (2019)

Public Presentations

  1. “Microbiology and the Built Environment”, virtual presentation. Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Guest Lecture Series. November 3, 2020. Co-Presented with Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Patrick F. Horve, Jennifer Hampton-Hill, Michelle Sconce Massaquoi, Emily Goers Sweeney, Elena S. Wall, Karen Guillemin, “Bacterial secreted BefA protein disrupts cellular membranes and stimulates pancreatic β-cell expansion.” American Society for Microbiology Northwest Brach Meeting 2022, Spokane, WA. November 2022.
  2. Christopher Lee, Alexandria Lichtl, Amelia Fitterer, Patrick Horve. “Utility of Plain Radiographs for the Evaluation of Shoulder Pain and Implications for Telemedicine.” American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine-Arthroscopy Association of North America Combined 2021 Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN. June 2021.
  3. [Cancelled due to COVID-19] Horve, P.F., Dietz, L., Ishaq, S.L., Fretz, M., Van Den Wymelenberg, K. “Characterization of Viable Microbial Communities on Healthcare Associated Window Components.” American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2020, Chicago, IL. Jun 2020.
  4. [Cancelled due to COVID-19] Horve, P.F., Dietz, L., Ishaq, S.L., Fretz, M., Van Den Wymelenberg, K. “Characterization of Viable Microbial Communities on Healthcare Associated Window Components.” 2020 Microbiology of the Built Environment (MoBE) Gordon Research Conference, Andover, NH. Jun 2020.